How ?

1) Kindly complete the application form below

2) Detailed information about the platform and course content with payment links will be sent to you upon receipt of your application interest.

3) Once the online payment has been received, an account on the platform with your gmail will be created

4) You can access the platform with your gmail account

5) As soon as you sign in to the platform, you will access the first module which will introduce you to the platform and the course content.

6) In "Programming for SEO 101" course, in addition to sample codes and assignments, at least 206 exercises await your solutions. For each given exercise, the solution is provided. If you're having trouble, you can always click the "Show Solution" button and see the solution. However, solutions to assignments are not provided. To validate a course, you must complete the assignments without any help.

7) All courses must be validated. The validation is done at the end of the exercises and assignments in the courses. Access to the courses of the new modules depends on the validations of each course in the previous modules.

8) You will receive support throughout the course from mobile or email