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 DATAIZER is an interactive web based computing platform where you can execute Python code and access IPython shell. With DATAIZER you can easily run scripts without worrying about dependencies and environment issues. Our tutorials are designed to make you productive in no time by interacting with the rich set of libraries in Python.

The courses on DATAIZER are designed to give you a strong foundation in the power of data. Our first course, "Programming for SEO 101", will teach you how to use Python and IPython shell in order to improve your SEO strategy. 


DATAIZER is designed to reduce the pain you might feel when learning to code

  • Python and all the Python libraries or packages needed are already installed
  • With a simple import you can use these libraries, no need to install any library or package 
  • All Python code syntax in code cells is corrected automatically on every run, which will reduce any pain you may have with Python syntax.
  • We are constantly checking APIs used in the lectures and using the latest correct versions of them which prevents code errors you might have due to outdated APIs.



DATAIZER is designed for ease of use and fun

  • The platform offers easy navigation via the table of contents tool in the toolbar. This tool will help you keep track of course content by making it easier to navigate between course content headings.
  • All the lectures in the course are available in presentation mode. Presentation mode is like a slideshow. At presentation mode you can take notes on the lectures by colourful digital chalks, draw on the lectures and if you wish you can draw on the chalkboard.
  • It is also easy to erase outputs from code cells by two dedicated tools in the toolbar for this purpose; one of them clears the current code cell output and the other clears all code cells outputs.
  • In some courses, if needed, you will have the possibility to run two code cells side by side and compare their outputs which is another useful but also amusing feature. 
  • An assignment at the end of a course notebook is validated automatically with the click of a button, no need to send your solution to someone, and wait for them to validate your solution.



Presentation screen




Course Content


One notebook


One notebook


5 notebooks


4 Notebooks


3 Notebooks


At the end of the course some of the applications where you will use what you have learned throughout the course are



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